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About WISC

Proudly serving Whitby for over 40 years!!

Rules & Regulations

- Constitution, Policies, Procedures, Indoor Soccer Rules & more..

Discipline and Appeals

DISCIPLINE : How does WISC handle misconduct?

Volunteer Screening Requirements

WISC supports and complies with the Volunteer Screening Guidelines and Requirements of our governing bodies, Durham Region Soccer Association and The Ontario Soccer Association.

Scholarship Award Program

The program provides scholarships to WISC players who are in Grade 12 at High School and intend to go on to College or University.


Be sure to support our local sponsors - great for the Community - great for Soccer !!!

Annual General Meeting

Privacy Policy

Refund Policy

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Executive 2014

President - John Theriault

Vice President - Fred Dixon

Treasurer - Greg Loskutov

Secretary / Governance - Sandy Arrowsmith

Bingo Director - Maureen Reid

Competitive Team Director - Alex Kennedy

Recreational Director - Sam Gillen

Discipline Director- Steve Gudgin

Director at Large - Mark Armstrong

Director at Large - Paul Cloutier

Director at Large - Liz Nutt