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2016 Outdoor Registration Now Open!!!

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Volunteer Provincial School Championships

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The WISC would like to congratulate (pictured left to right) Lauryn Arruda 2001 girls, Giulia Giovinazzi 2002 girls, and Keyosha Donkor 2002 girls, on their selection to their respective 2001 and 2002 provincial girl's teams.

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Darby FC Bolsters Eastern Ontario League1 Presence

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Volunteers:  Are you able to volunteer as a coach?  Please indicate your ability to volunteer during the online registration process or email office@whitbysoccer.com. We will be conducting training sessions prior to the start of the season to assist our coaches!  Your support is appreciated.

Take advantage of our early registration fees by registering online and paying either online or at the Club office prior to Mar 21, 2016.  Please note, following this date, registration fees will increase $25 (including any unpaid registrations).

Although ALL registrations are done ONLINE, payments are made either online (VISA or Master Card) or in-person.  In-person payments (cash / cheque / debit / VISA / MasterCard) are accepted at the Club office during business hours.  Registrations must be paid to confirm your spot.

Due to the number of registrants in our Club, we cannot accommodate requests to play with a specific player or to be assigned to a specific team.  Consideration will be given to volunteer coaches.

Recreational Outdoor Game Days/ Fees

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Congratulations to Madison Putman !!!

2016 will be Madison Putman"s 5th season as the goalkeeper for the 1998 A team with Whitby Soccer Club. Madison started with Whitby under Coach Mirco Schroff at age 13 and then has continued with Coach Jonathan Miller and Assistant Coach Colin Francis for the past four years. After attending a tournament in South Carolina with her team in 2014, Madison has signed with Newberry College, a liberal arts school in South Carolina where she will be studying sports management/sports law. Good luck Maddy !!!!

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1999 U17 B Boys Team

Our 1999/U17 B Boys Team is currently looking for a few players. If you are interested please contact Coach Rob at giuntolirobert@yahoo.ca

2001 U15 Girls B Team

Our 2001/U15 Girls B Team is currently looking for a keeper. If you are interested please contact Coach Rob at giuntolirobert@yahoo.ca


It is with a sad heart that we'd like to announce that over the holidays the Whitby Iroquois Soccer Club lost a valued and well respected Board Member and long time coach of the Club - Sam Gillen. We would like to express our deepest condolences to Jan, Courtney and Cassie - he was a great man.

Sam will be sadly missed by the thousands of lives he touched over the many years of being a very active member of the Club.

The Whitby Iroquois Soccer Club along with the Darlington Soccer Club are proud to announce the following :

Darby FC - League1 Ontario

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U13A 2003 Girls

The U13A 2003 Girls team is looking for 3 girls to round out their current roster. Please contact giuntolirobert@yahoo.ca or 2003girlswisc@gmail.com for more information

2000 Girls

The 2000 Whitby girls soccer team are promoted to the CGSL and are looking for a starting Goalkeeper plus 2 Defenders. To join our team for winter training and summer program.
Contact information: Head Coach Naso Poposki, email nasopoposki@rogers.com - #905-428-6377

WISC Keeper Training

Keeper Training starts this Monday, November 2.

Mondays - U8, U9, U10, U11, U12 & U13 - 8 to 9:PM
Mondays - U14 & up - 9 to 10:PM

Wednesdays - U8, U9, U10 - 7 to 8:PM
Wednesdays - U11 & U12 & U13 - 8 to 9:PM
Wednesdays - U14 & up - 9 to 10:PM

Location : WISC Dome

OPDL Registration Form

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Office Hours

Mondays - Thursdays: 10:00 AM- 7:30 PM
Fridays: 10:00 AM- 5:30 PM

- Information on Weather & Field Status

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There are local community charities to help with soccer registrations fees.

1.       Their Opportunity Minor Sports Corporation. This charity provides funding for children from low-income families, less than $45,000 annually, into organized sports and recreation activities. What makes Their Opportunity stand-out, is that funded children enter a “give-back” program, which is where each child that is enrolled ‘pay it forward’ through community service and outreach, within 3 months of being funded.  For more information:  http://www.theiropportunity.com

2.       Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities.  This charity gets kids ‘in the game’ by assisting with the costs associated with registration for sports and physical activity programming.  For more information:  http://jumpstart.canadiantire.ca/en/canadian-tire-jumpstart-charities or contact the Town of Whitby, 905.430.4310, subsidy@whitby.ca, download the Jumpstart application form or complete the online form

3.        Kidsport. KidSport is a national not-for-profit organization that provides financial assistance for registration fees and equipment to kids aged 18 and under. Through a confidential application process we provide grants so they can play a season of sport. Nationally, KidSport is comprised of a network of 11 provincial/territorial KidSport chapters and 178 community KidSport chapters. Since its creation in 1993, over 450,000 kids across the country have been given the chance to play sport through KidSport grants and sport introduction programming. For more information: Please click here...

4.       Fundraising – Bingo – In conjunction with the local bingo (Red Barn, Oshawa), WISC members / teams are able to sign-up for designated bingo times.  Under the guidance of our Bingo Director, various duties are covered by these volunteers.  Members who wish to participate in the Bingo program are encouraged to contact the Executive Director for available times (executivedirector@whitbysoccer.com).

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2003 OPDL Girls

The 2003 Girls OPDL team are  looking for two players to complete  their roster for the 2016 season. Please contact David Thorburn to arrange a tryout. 

techdirector@whitbysoccer.com 905-668-2009

2002 OPDL Boys

The 2002 Boys OPDL team are  looking for two players to complete  their roster for the 2016 season. Please contact David Thorburn to arrange a tryout. 

techdirector@whitbysoccer.com 905-668-2009

2001 OPDL Girls

The 2001 OPDL Girls Eastern Conference Champions and Charity Shield Champions are looking for three players to finalize their roster for the 2016 season. Please contact David Thorburn to arrange a tryout.

techdirector@whitbysoccer.com 905-668-2009

CONGRATULATIONS to our 2001 Girls OPDL Team for a great season. We are extremely proud of them !!! The girls finished off the season with 18 Wins, 3 Ties and only 1 Loss and were crowned the first ever OPDL Eastern Division Champions. Congratulations again to all the players, coaches, staff and parents - all of you deserve the credit for a great season !!!

Parents Handbook

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Parents, attached is a direct link to the "2016 OPDL Parent Handbook". This is a great resource for information about the OPDL League. Please take the time to go over it. If you have any questions please contact Bill Sidsworth at the following email address - executivedirector@whitbysoccer.com

OPDL Registration Form

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All interested players must complete the Registration form and send it to Technical Director David Thorburn at : techdirector@whitbysoccer.com

OPDL Trial Process-Phase 1

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OPDL Trial Process-Phase 2

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OPDL Parent Handbook 2015

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OPDL Indoor Training Program

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Welcome to the Ontario Player Development League!

OPDL is Canadian soccer's first standards-based youth high performance league that combines top level competition with strict high performance training standards. This exciting new youth high performance program is an important component of the overall movement to adopt the core principles of Long Term Player Development (LTPD) across soccer at large in Ontario and Canada. Read more...

The WISC Individual Development Academy is a new and exciting soccer program which ensures every child has fun while developing soccer and physical literacy skills. The IDA pro- gram also uses soccer as a vehicle to develop social skills and core values such as sportsmanship, teamwork, fair play and respect.

Players will train twice weekly in a developmentally stage and age appro- priate program; The program will be delivered by the licensed coaches from the WISC Tech Team. This new program format ensures all children are actively engaged and in- volved throughout every one hour ses- sion. This also guarantees increased touches with the use of deliberate practice.

Players will be exposed to a fun com- petition style format during each ses- sion, and will be closely monitored by the Tech Team to ensure that all play- ers reach their level of play. Attention to detail on player progression will be a key factor in this program, where player assessments and skills testing will be a vital component in our player development program. Information for individual player home work will be available from our T/D .

With increased playing time, more touches on the ball, and a balanced approach to the organization of teams, this will ensures every player will ex- perience quality time on the ball, and not only have a fantastic time but will also develop and improve their soccer skills. Individual technique and skills will be the focus through small sided games. This is in line with the OSA ’ s LTPD plan. 'Are you ready to play' then join today! "To be the best be prepared by the best" Read more...