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Referees Corner



Contact Gord regarding all referee inquiries including
interpretation of rules, referee decisions, preparation of reports,
uniform issues, training, discipline, etc.
Contact e-mail: Gord Arrowsmith

You will be contacted if games are cancelled
There is no need to call.
Please check the website as well.
If fields are not closed by the Town, proceed to your game.


It is your responsibility to get games. DO NOT wait to be phoned. If you are cancelling a game, do not assume that a voice message left is sufficient. Please be sure you speak to someone directly. Last minute cancellations cause inconvenience for everyone and result in too many games not being covered. Only very real emergencies justify late cancellation of a game assignment. Please make sure your schedule permits you to accept a game before doing so. If you are unsure of a game assignment, send an e-mail for confirmation or leave a message that you require confirmation.

Uniforms & Equipment

Check out your uniform & equipment to make sure you are ready for your next game assignment. Ensure that you attend your game dressed in the recognized and proper referee uniform and using only the proper equipment - whistle, match pad, stop watch, badge. When on the field - indoor or outdoor: No hats, no visors, no sunglasses, no long pants, no clipboards, etc.

Adverse Weather - Guidelines

Use the Flash to Bang method to monitor lightning for evacuation of the playing field to a safer environment. With this method the seconds are counted from the time a flash of lightning is seen until a clap of thunder is heard. When this number is 30 seconds or less, evacuation of the field should get under way. Lightning awareness should begin with the first flash of lightning seen or thunder clap heard. Large enclosed structures (substantially constructed buildings) tend to be much safer than smaller or open structures. If the game is inside a stadium, encourage all players and coaches to go to the dressing rooms. If however, such a building is not available, fully enclosed vehicles such as cars, trucks, buses, vans, fully enclosed farm vehicles, etc. with the windows rolled up provide good shelter from lightning. Never stand under trees, in an open field or under an umbrella. The game should not be restarted until 30 minutes after the last clap of thunder was heard or the last flash of lightning was seen.

"If you can see it (lightning) flee it; if you can hear it (thunder) clear it."

Check the CSA Guidelines regarding lightning here…

Field Closures

From time to time the Town of Whitby will notify the Club that the field permits are withdrawn due to weather conditions. They make every effort to communicate this information prior to noon.Should this happen, the Club will notify the Director in charge of the House League Program. The Director will notify the conveners of each age division and the conveners will contact their coaches.It is the coaches' responsibility to contact the parents / players on their team regarding field closures. The Club office will not contact individual players or their parents.Whenever possible, information will be posted on the home page of the website indicating whether we have been notified by the Town of field closures. If you have not been contacted regarding the status of your game, please proceed to the field where the referee will make the decision regarding cancellation of games if required depending on weather conditions and / or the safety of the playing field. Should you have any questions in this regard, please contact your Coach directly. WISC follows the guidelines as set out by The Ontario Soccer Association.

Players' Equipment

A player must not use equipment or wear anything which is dangerous to himself or another player (including any kind of jewellery).
"FIFA Laws of the Game 2012-13"

It is the referee's discretion as to what she/he deems safe or unsafe equipment which a player proposes to wear for the game. The referee is at the field, can see the item and so is the sole person who makes the decision.

To assist referees in guiding their decisions: For clarification, an item which is not on the compulsory basic equipment list on page 15 (FIFA Laws of the Game 2002) may be worn by a player providing the referee approves.

A number of items which players have proposed be allowed to be worn in games have been permitted by some referees and alternatively disallowed by other referees. This has caused some confusion. As much as possible, we do want to encourage participation by as many players as possible, while creating a safe playing environment.

With advances in technology, many pieces of equipment have been designed to enable a player to compete and/or increase mobility. Referees may allow such pieces of players' equipment.

Common sense must prevail when decisions are made regarding the equipment worn by players.


-Standard eyeglasses are considered a medical necessity and may be worn;
-A referee would typically request that tape or a bandage be applied to secure the ends of a "medical alert bracelet" instead of having it removed or covering the symbol;
-A soft headband made from terrycloth or similar material is preferable to metal or plastic hairclips;
-Bandanas are not accepted since headbands are readily available and bandannas have been associated with the wearing of "colours";
-All types of jewellery must be removed;
-Players wearing a hard plaster cast or brace must receive written permission to play from the Club Head Referee or designate

The decision of the referee may include:

a) acceptance of the player's equipment;
b) indicating needed adjustments (eg. more padding); or
c) non-acceptance of the player's equipment.

Referees are advised that a fully covered (padded or with sleeve covering) knee support with no exposed metal or plastic should be accepted.

A player who is proposing to wear a knee support should ask the referee to inspect the equipment well in advance of the scheduled kickoff of the game so time will be available to make adjustments to the level of padding if needed.

Referees are encouraged to work with the team trainer to indicate to the trainer what needs to be done in order to minimize the time required to make the adjustments.

The decision of the referee is final on matters concerning the equipment used by players.

Knee Braces

- Must receive written permission from Club Head Referee or designate in order to play.

Indoor Rules - U6-U8

Indoor Rules - U10-U18