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About WISC - Scholarship Award Program

Scholarship Award Program

Program Details

Whitby Iroquois Soccer Club has been involved with the development of youth soccer in Whitby for a number of years. The Club's soccer program has produced both professional and international players who have represented Canada at the international level. The Club is also interested in the educational development of our young men and women. As a result, we are proud to offer a Scholarship Program to assist eligible players, coaches and referees who aspire to further their studies by attending University or College.


The program provides scholarships to WISC players who are in Grade 12 at High School and intend to go on to College or University. These scholarships are provided to individuals who are chosen by the Club Scholarship Committee and who meet the Scholarship Program eligibility criteria. The amount of the award will be determined by the WISC board each year. Awards are based on candidate qualifications. The Club reserves the right to adjust the number of grants given and the sum awarded on an individual basis.

Selectional Criteria

The candidate must meet the following criteria:

- Must be registered with the Club at the time of application, or in the immediate prior indoor season
- Be recognized as having been a valuable asset to the Club
- Be able to demonstrate that they have contributed to the Club for no less than 5 consecutive years and must be currently playing, coaching or refereeing for the Club, or participating in another clearly defined and recognized volunteer capacity either on or off the field
- Have completed a minimum of 10 volunteer hours for the Club for each of the previous 5 years
- Must be in Grade 12 at the time of applying for the Scholarship

Prior to the scholarship being granted, candidate must provide:

- Proof of acceptance at a college or university or in an accredited training program.
- Proof of continuing studies prior to receiving the second installment
- Letter of recommendation
- Resume

The Scholarship award will be paid in 2 installments. The first will be paid in August prior to the start of the school term and the second will be paid in January upon receipt of written confirmation that the student will be continuing studies for the second term.

Applications are due by August 5th, 2016 and must be accompanied by a letter of reference.

*Note: Address the application to the Executive Director

Download Application form here

All applications will become the property of the Club.

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