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LTPD and OPDL Update - April 13 2020

By Whitby FC Board/Staff, 04/13/20, 6:00PM EDT


Soccer at Home for our LTPD & OPDL players

Undoubtedly, parents miss watching their child(ren) playing soccer and players are missing their teammates.  Through the use of social media and video sharing, we are keeping players and parents connected with each other, their coaches and our Club.  

In an effort to keep everyone training / working out at home, we’re utilizing online sessions: 

  • free educational material with added content on a weekly basis in the areas of "Tactical Education", "Holistic Education" and "Sport Psychology"
  • the Home Exercise Program (HEP) as the main online training program at the player's disposal which covers physical, technical and tactical activities with an incorporated guiding training schedule (accessible under the "Holistic Education")

Please, remember to share with us, what you are doing at home and check-out the player and team videos posted on our Keep the Ball Moving page

Ontario Soccer has asked us to highlight that while they promote the move to ONLINE, there is no insurance coverage for any players who may injure themselves during such sessions and should an injury occur as a result of these sessions, the player(s) would only be covered their own personal insurance and OHIP, and not Ontario Soccer insurance.

Some recent announcements

Ontario Soccer

For those who may be concerned about registering for the abridged outdoor season, Ontario Soccer is encouraging participants to do so now, so that Districts, Clubs and Academies can be fully prepared to kick off the Return to Play season when announced. Multiple scenarios are being considered which includes a modified Outdoor Season in 2020. Please also note that due to some municipal government restrictions, playing fields have been closed down beyond May.

Ontario Soccer is presently operating on a month-to-month basis as they review the ongoing health crisis until definitive information and directives inform otherwise.  Full updates from Ontario Soccer

Whitby FC Board / Staff

For our most recent messages and updates, please read our HOME page

We are continually evaluating the situation and considering how best to prepare for the eventual resumption of play. Although we are awaiting updates as to when fields will be open and when leagues will commence, our Club is preparing for the start of the Outdoor season. We do know that leagues will be very flexible concerning scheduling and to extending the outdoor season as necessary.

The Club is in constant communication with the Town and all of our suppliers to ensure that all the necessary fields, uniforms, equipment and other services will be available when needed.

Whitby FC is a not-for-profit community soccer club. We depend on registration fees to operate seasonal programs. Consistent with other community sports clubs we continue to be very optimistic about the upcoming outdoor season.  Click to read more

Is the outdoor soccer season at risk of being cancelled and how is that being assessed and decided?

Given the spring (May) portion of the Outdoor season has been postponed, we are very optimistic and preparing to have our LTPD teams start early July.  Tentatively, the league’s plan is to have the season go until September 30 with a full schedule of 14 games. Even in the event of a slightly later start, the Region does plan to provide a full season schedule if possible.

Our Club is part of the OPDL task force and when we are able to update on news of the possible season start date, we will advise further.  It may be along the lines of starting towards early July with a mid-November finish.

For players who had registered online and selected the LTPD / OPDL scheduled payments, an email had been sent (March 25) advising that the April payment date had been pushed to May.  Given the recent Ontario Soccer announcement, we will be pushing the upcoming May payment to June.  That is, for LTPD players, the original April 30 payment has been pushed to June 30 and consequently, the final payment would now be revised to August 30.  For OPDL players, the original April 15 payment has been pushed to June 15 and the final payment to November 15. 

As an FYI, when the payment schedules are set-up and agreed upon at time of registration, they are locked and we are not able to change the fee at any point.  However, when the final expenses have been confirmed, the revised fee amounts will be determined and the appropriate adjustments will be announced.