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Whitby FC Dome Protocols

By Whitby FC Staff, 10/26/20, 12:30PM EDT


Whitby FC has always been dedicated to providing a safe and clean environment for all of our customers, staff and patrons

In this difficult and unprecedented time, we are committed to a higher standard of cleaning, sanitation and policies to ensure the safety of everyone that walks through our doors

Air quality in our domes resembles outdoor conditions Domes have a minimum of 50 times more outside fresh air  The air holding up the dome is always escaping being replaced by outside air and has constant fresh air turn over  

For our customers renting fields in our facilities:

1. Everyone must wear a mask until they have travelled through the revolving doors and physically entered the dome
2. When entering and leaving, we ask that everyone sanitizes their hands at the front desk
3. No parents/guardians are permitted in the dome unless the player is 10 or under (and if so, only one parent/guardian)
4. Change rooms are NOT available
5. NO food in the domes
6. ABSOLUTELY NO SPITTING in the facility - this will result in being asked to leave immediately
7. Third Party Renters are requested to keep their own contact tracing information. (Whitby FC may ask you to provide that information at any time)
8. All players/coaches must provide "current" information each and every session
9. Teams will not be allowed into the facility until 10 minutes prior to their scheduled start time and must remain in their appointed waiting "area" until the teams prior to them have left the inside of the dome
10. Refrain from hand shaking or unnecessary contact
11. Do not interact with other rentals groups whatsoever.  Always, maintain a considerate distance of at least 2m