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Long Term Player Development

2019-2020 LTPD Open Trials/Identification - in our SMALL (old) DOME

Player attendance will be taken at each session. We encourage players to attend all sessions. Missing a session limits a player's opportunity to showcase his/her current skillset compared to an individual player that attends all sessions.

Most sessions will be 90 minutes.  

Please sign-in at the registrations desk(on the tryout date)  There are no trial fees.

Boys Open Trials / Identification

Our U8 - U12 Boys LTPD trials for 2019-20 have concluded.

Girls Open Trials / Identification

Date Time Year Division
U8 Girls trials have ended 2012 U8 Girls
U9 Girls trials have ended 2011 U9 Girls
U10 Girls trials have ended 2010 U10 Girls
Fri Sep 20 2019 6:00 PM 2009 U11 Girls
Fri Sep 20 2019 7:30 PM 2008 U12 Girls

What is LTPD?

Players with a higher commitment level train together throughout the year under the direction of the assigned LTPD Technical staff.  All players are exposed to a high tempo, developmentally appropriate coaching program, based on WISC’s LTPD curriculum.

Qualified coaches Training Feedback/development
LTPD Coaching Staff Technical / Tactical skills Player progress reports
Coach Development Cognitive skills Game model
Keeper training
Strength & Conditioning U11/U12

Players Wanted

Age Training - Indoor Fees Playing format Approx Fees
U8 (2011) twice per week + 1 game 1st - $400 due Nov 1 5v5 $1600 TBC
U9 (2010) twice per week + 1 game 1st - $425 due Nov 1 7v7 $1700 TBC
U10 (2009) twice per week + 1 game 1st - $425 due Nov 1 7v7 $1700 TBC
U11 (2008) twice per week + 1 game 1st - $450 due Nov 1 9v9 $1800 TBC
U12 (2007) twice per week + 1 game 1st - $450 due Nov 1 9v9 $1800 TBC

Installment due dates for 2nd, 3rd and 4th payments:  Jan 31, 2019/ Apr 30, 2019 / Jun 30, 2019

Grassroots soccer

Grassroots soccer is not about the amount of trophies you win.  It's about the difference you make to a young person's life.

Grassroots Players - Clarifying the 'call up' rule

Ensuring that children play and train in the correct environment is important to their development as young people and players.  As per Ontario Soccer, there are no “call ups” for grassroots players (U8 to U12).  Only under specified circumstances, identified and evaluated players may gain approval from our Technical Director.  A younger aged player may only play with an older age group after the appropriate evaluation process/form have been completed.

Grassroots players are prohibited from being evaluated to play more than one (1) year older.

If a player is evaluated to play up to a higher age group, they should be registered to that age group for the entire season and/or the remainder of the season.  U12 players are not permitted to be used as “call ups” to U13 teams for The Ontario Cup and/or any other form of competition.

For more regarding this topic please view the Grassroots Webinar: Fast Tracking and Player Development 

Respect in Sport

The Durham Region Soccer Association is proud to be taking a leadership role in protecting the best interests of kids, and all those involved in our game, by introducing the Respect in Sport Parent Program to our organization. As the first District Association within Ontario Soccer to be taking this important step, following the lead of the Ontario Minor Hockey Association and other sports organizations in Ontario Durham Region Soccer Association is making the Respect in Sport Parent Program mandatory for one parent or guardian of each player for 2017 to complete the program.  The program is transferable from hockey or any other sport it was completed for, and covers the entire family.  Please help us to help you make soccer safe and fun for all participants.

NEW for 2017 - it is mandatory for one parent or guardian to complete the Respect in Sport Parent Program.  For more details and FAQ's.

For team officials of travelling and competitive teams, team officials (including managers) must take the Activity Leaders module to validate the team official book.

Requests for Refunds

The LTPD program does not accept requests for refunds. 

Any player electing to leave the program after the official LTPD training start date in November each year is responsible for their full LTPD program financial commitment as set out in the payment plan (November to June inclusive).  Total LTPD fees as outlined by the Club are to be paid in full before player de-registration can be considered.

In the event of an injury which prevents a player from participating for the remainder of the LTPD contract, notification (including a signed Doctor's note) must be provided in writing within five days from a professional medical doctor to the Club Registrar.  Pending the approval of the Technical Director,  the payment schedule may be stopped in such instance.  No credits or refund of monies will be issued.